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Section 355 Management Committees

Section 355 Management Committees

Council has appointed management committees, under Section 355 of the Local Government Act 1993, to manage some of the facilities within in the Shire.

If you would like to hire one of these facilities please see the contact details below.

Resources to assist committee members with responsibilities and reporting requirements are now available by clicking the link.

Public Halls
Bidgeemia Hall Committee   

Contact: TBA                                   Ph:                                                      Email:

Milbrulong Hall Committee

Contact: Andrew Driscoll      Ph: 0427 206 217                 Email:

Pleasant Hills Public Hall Management Committee

Contact:  Peter Sharp               Ph: 0428 828 003                 Email:

Contact: Fiona Beckett           Ph: 0409 849 140                Email:

The Rock Hall & Museum Management Committee

Contact: Laurie Thiele             Ph: 0488 996 186   

Contact: Nancy Smith             Ph: 0427 692 020

Yerong Creek Hall Committee

Contact: Narelle McRorie       Ph: 0438 203 727              Email:

Contact: Libby Webb                  Ph: 0458 203 590            Email:

Contact: Sandra Doughty       Ph: 0438 162 391              Email:

Recreation Grounds
Lockhart Recreation Ground Committee

Contact: Josh Maniscalco        Ph:  0439 429 776

Bookings: Tracy Hounsell         Ph: 0427 122 646                 Email:

Osborne Recreation Ground Committee

Contact: Mandy Bowyer           Ph: 0427 205 529                 Email:

Pleasant Hills Recreation Ground Committee

Contact: David Stein                                                                                    Email:

The Rock Recreation Ground Management Committee

Contact: Petrina O’Connor         Ph: 0408 264 729             Email:

Contact: Gail Driscoll                        Ph: 0427 203 580

Tootool Recreation Reserve Committee

Contact:                                                     Ph:                                                      Email:

Yerong Creek Recreation Ground Committee

Contact: Ross Edwards                                                                                 Email: 

Showgrounds, Racecourses, Golf Courses
Lockhart Showground & Racecourse Management Committee

Contact: Max Day                              Ph: 0427 205 526                 Email:

The Rock Showground and Golf Course Management Committee

Contact: Craig Burkinshaw        Ph: 0427 295 213                 Email:

Contact: Traci Driscoll                    Ph: 0428 756 223                Email:

Other Committees
Tootool Rest Stop

Contact: Elsie Peschla                                                                                    Email: