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Wi-Fi Hotspot & Public Access PC

Wi-Fi Hotspot & Public Access PC

This service is currently closed to the public.  However, free Wi-Fi is available.
  • Free internet access
  • Word processing facilities
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Public Access PC
Public Computer Access space, 65 Green Street, Lockhart

Lockhart Shire Council now offers use of its public access computer in the Council Administration Building on Green Street, Lockhart. During Council office hours (Mon–Fri 8.30 am to 4.30pm) you will be able to log on and utilise Council’s Public Access PC which is situated in the reception area of the administration building. The computer has access to the internet, a range of Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel and Powerpoint, and other standard PC programs and tools. You will be required to sign in to use the PC, please see the reception staff on arrival.  

Wi-Fi Hotspot 

Lockhart Shire Council also offers a free Wi-Fi Hotspot. The Hotspot is available at the Council Administration Building during office hours (Mon–Fri 8.30 am to 4.30pm). Visitors with their own laptop/notebook/device can access the wireless network in or close to the reception area during opening hours.

How does it work?

  • Bring your laptop/notebook/device to the building
  • Most laptops/notebooks/devices are configured for wireless access and your wireless card should automatically detect the wireless signal (check your ‘Settings’ to ensure Wi-Fi is turned on)
  • Once your device picks up the wireless signal, select LSC Free Wi-Fi & accept our terms for use.
  • Open your preferred browser (any http://url should open the LSC Free Wi-Fi network)
  • Ensure pop-ups are enabled, NOT BLOCKED, on your browser

Wi-Fi access is free.

Wireless access is limited to standard web browsing protocols – http and https.


1. Why does the speed of my connection vary?

The speed of the wireless connection can be affected by your distance from the access point and the number of users of the network at a given time.

2. Is printing available?

No.  Alternatively you can save your data to a portable device (e.g. USB memory stick) which you must also bring with you. They can be purchased locally in Lockhart.

3. Can I get technical assistance from Council?

Staff are unable to provide technical assistance. Consult your user manual or contact your hardware supplier for help with troubleshooting.

4. Can I access my email using the wireless network?

Access to web-based email is available via WiFi. You may need to change some settings on your laptop/notebook/device to access email.

Internet Conditions of Use

For full Conditions of Use please click here
Visitors using the internet or Lockhart Shire Council’s wireless network are responsible for:

  • observing and not infringing copyright laws and licensing agreements
  • not using the computers for any illegal or irresponsible activity
  • not displaying indecent or otherwise offensive material on the screen
  • not attempting to corrupt software or damage equipment
  • being considerate of Council staff and other users
  • using headphones when playing sound files

Unacceptable conduct may lead to expulsion from the Council premises.

When using your own device please bring a fully charged battery and prepare to be self-powered as electrical outlets are not available for use in the public areas.

Parents are responsible for the supervision of their child’s access to the internet.

Lockhart Shire Council does not guarantee access to any site and accepts no responsibility for damage to any devices used including virus transmission, pop-ups or spyware.