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Nature Strips


Council considered a detailed report on this question, given the climate in which we live, and Council has resolved as follows:

  1. That residents are now allowed to gravel the entire, unsealed nature strip area with a gravel that will either pack down into a firm base or, if using a loose material such as blue metal that layer should be thin enough so it does not become a “loose, shifting underfoot” surface.
  2. That where a sealed pathway exists allow the balance of the nature strip area to be mulched or planted in plants that do not exceed 600mm in height.
  3. That where a sealed footpath does not exist allow residents to mulch within 2.3m of the fence line and to plant plants that do not exceed 600mm in height.

Accordingly, if residents are interested in beautifying the nature strips in front of their property it may done provided such is in accordance with Council’s decision as detailed above.