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Water & Sewerage

Water & Sewerage


Water throughout the townships in the Shire is supplied and administered by Riverina Water County Council. Riverina Water’s head office is in Wagga Wagga.

Problems with broken or leaking water pipes and water meters should be referred to Riverina Water on (02) 6922 0608.


Council operates three sewerage schemes located within the Shire at Lockhart, The Rock and Yerong Creek. These schemes operate with reasonable efficiency due to the residential nature of the townships.

Council also operates an effluent reuse scheme at Lockhart, which significantly reduces flow discharged from the plant.

On Site Sewerage Management

As a septic system owner you are responsible for ensuring that your septic system is safe and working properly. A failing septic system is a health risk for your family and the community and may be causing harm to the environment.

To help facilitate NSW legislative controls under the Local Government Act 1993, Council has implemented an On-site Sewerage Management Program. Through this program, Council aims to work with rate payers to check the health, efficiency and compliance of all on-site sewerage management systems (OSSMS) in the Lockhart Local Government Area. An OSSMS includes all septics, transpiration beds, pump-out tanks, and aerated wastewater treatment systems (AWTS).

Currently, all new OSSMS require a one-off approval to be installed/altered. However, owners of all new and existing OSSMS will also require a separate approval to operate an OSSMS. The term of this approval will vary depending up the location of the OSSMS and will be at Council’s discretion. The maximum term of any approval is five (5) years. This approval will require an inspection of the system by a Council Officer. Fees will be applied to each approval.

This program will apply to all OSSMS in use on all farms and households in the Lockhart Shire. Understandably, many landholders will have concerns in relation to these inspections and possible implications involved. Council understands these concerns and notes that most OSSMS have been and are working efficiently in most cases. It is also noted that most OSSMS are not located in areas where contamination of surface water or aquaculture are at risk, thus making these checks much simpler as they will be classed ‘low risk’. Failure to obtain an approval to operate is an offence, and a penalty notice may be issued.

QUICK HEALTH CHECK– If you already have a working OSSMS, the following link will give you an idea how well it is working:  

APPROVALS – If you wish to install a new OSSMS, or alter an existing System, you must submit an application for a Section 68 Approval to Council. Application forms are available via this link, or from the Lockhart Shire Council Office during normal business hours. An application fee is also applicable.

APPROVAL TO OPERATE – If you have an OSSMS on your property, no matter how old or of what type, you are required by law to have an approval to operate licence. As the owner of a property you are required to apply to Council to obtain or renew this Licence. This is the same Section 68 form as used for new or existing OSSMS. Council inspectors will supply you with a copy of the form at time of inspection. All you, as a landholder, are required to do is contact Council to arrange an inspection at a convenient time, or Council will contact you, during their inspection program.

Sewer Extension – The Rock

Council’s sewer extension in the township of The Rock on the south-east side of the Olympic Highway has been completed.

The following documents are provided to answer questions property owners may have regarding the scheme.

Pollution Monitoring Data

The NSW Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011 (POELA Act) has introduced changes to improve the public’s access to information about the environmental performance of licensed facilities.

Licensees are required to publish pollution monitoring data collected as a result of a licence condition, in accordance with Section 66(6) of the POEO Act.

Council has two (2) licenced premises, these being:  

  1. Lockhart Sewerage Treatment Works and Effluent Reuse Area
  2. The Rock Sewage Treatment Works

Monitoring data collected from these licensed premises will be published on Council’s website. To access the latest data please click on the link below. You can also obtain a copy of the map by clicking on the titles.

Pollution Incident Response Management Plans (PIRMP)

The Pollution Incident Response Management Plans (PIRMP) have been prepared in accordance with the Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011 (POELA Act) and reflect the requirements specified in the Environment Protection Authority’s (EPA’s) Guidelines: Preparation of pollution incident response management plans, March 2012.

It identifies the hazards to the environment associated with Lockhart and The Rock Treatment Plants and their operations; provides pre-emptive measures to reduce such hazards, and details the essential contact and communication mechanisms in the case of an incident. You can also obtain a copy of each PIRMP by clicking on the titles below.