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Local Roads Classification

Lockhart Shire Council, at its Ordinary Meeting 19th March 2001, formally adopted a revised policy on “Local Roads Classification and Maintenance” with its associated Road Hierarchy.

Local Roads Classification and Maintenance

Lockhart Shire Council at its Ordinary Meeting 19th March 2001 formally adopted a revised policy on “Local Roads Classification and Maintenance” with its associated Road Hierarchy.

Some of the changes to the policy relate to section 2.1.2 (a) Trees – where the requirement to clear trees 6 metres from the edge of the pavement was removed. In its place an assessment of trees for removal from a road safety construction standard, remnant vegetation value perspective as well as a desire to maintain existing, cleared table drains will occur.

Council clarified that if a land owner wished to have an unconstructed lane way graded or an earth formation road gravelled, they would pay Council for this work. The classification would not alter unless Council subsequently resolved as such.

The policy continues to require the grading of roads on a “condition basis”, rather than by specifying a time interval between maintenance treatments.

This policy clearly identifies that any residence on a rural property will be provided with a Gravel Class 2 road as a minimum standard. On the hierarchy listing and attached map there are some roads which are shown as earth formation or unconstructed pavements that have a residence a few hundred metres from the nearest intersection. The short section of road between the residence and the intersecting road will be maintained as a Gravel Class 2 pavement.

The policy states that Gravel Class 2 roads have an objective to be trafficable in the majority of weather conditions.  However, it is possible that water may cross the road in minor storm events and the maintenance interval between treatments could be less than desired. They may be slippery during wet weather, maintenance work would ensure that all causeways are gravelled.

The policy also directs that, as resources permit, the Council undertake a program of installing “Dry Weather Road Only” signs on unconstructed and earth formations as well as “No Through Road” signs at appropriate locations.

Should road users have enquiries regarding the classification of roads or Council’s revised policy please do not hesitate to contact the Council Office during business hours on 02 6920 5305.